Medical Equipment Appraiser

Efficient Evaluations

— Our Evaluation Operation —

All of the evaluations we do are done without inconveniencing a facility's daily operations. We are not in the way of the doctors or staff while we conduct the service. Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists in Cleveland, Ohio, performs complete office equipment evaluations by a medical appraiser. We cover everything, including the furniture, business systems, computers, and the monetary value of patient charts.

How We Do It

  • Room-By-Room Evaluation
  • Digitally Photographs
  • Assigned Value for Each Room
  • Report Given for Each Room

Experienced Know-How

Having a quality medical appraiser ensures that your report is accurate. We provide our clients with a comprehensive report, certified letter, and digital images. Due to more than 50 years of experience, we can offer a quick and efficient turnaround on our appraisal services.

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Our President

Howard Danzinger, the President of Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists has been associated with the medical distribution industry for the past 40 years. His responsibilities are to furnish and design medical facilities throughout the United States for the physician alternate care markets, nursing homes, and specialty hospital areas. In 1975, Medical Equipment Appraisal Specialists was established to provide hard asset appraisals for medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, estates, and medical / legal situations. Mr. Danzinger has received certification from the American Surgical Trade Association.

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